THIS is the stunning and timely successor to Hart’s Heat & Smoke, which has quickly become one of the best-loved Australian barbecue books of all time. The fun continues, and so do the fresh and innovative ideas – this time, focused on the techniques, raw materials and national advantages that give Real Barbecue in multicultural, outdoors-loving Australia a quality all of its own.

Heat & Smoke II

With more inspirational pictures by ace food photographer Dean Cambray, Heat & Smoke II has again been masterminded and written by Melbourne barbecue guru Bob Hart who extracts even more from familiar ingredients.

Steaks – especially giant T-bones – soar to new heights; beef brisket is reborn as home-smoked pastrami; lamb racks emerge under a spicy, golden crust of Japanese crumbs, garlic and anchovy; salmon is hot-smoked with juniper berries and a sprinkle of gin; duck breasts and chicken thighs are brined and smoked over hickory; while lightly seared tuna is sliced into discs and positioned on tacos with guacamole, chipotle mayo, lime juice and more.

Sardines, oysters, scallops – even mango cheeks and bananas – are reborn through the alchemy of Hart’s innovations in a whole new world for the urban griller.

Now, read and absorb Heat & Smoke II and your neighbours may begin to wonder, from the exquisite aromas that will begin to drift their way, if everything you are doing in your own backyard is entirely legal. (Which it is, of course...)


HEAT & SMOKE is, quite simply, the best, most spectacular and most accessible barbecue book ever written. It is witty, but it is also wise: bursting with innovative ideas, simple explanations, and examples of the techniques that will turn your backyard barbecue meals into masterpieces.

Bob Hart

With exquisite pictures by ace food photographer Dean Cambray, Heat & Smoke has been masterminded and written by Melbourne barbecue guru Bob Hart who will take you, step by step, through the processes involved in getting much, much more from your backyard endeavours and dealing – in innovative and delectable ways – with all of your favourite barbecue ingredients, as well as many you may not have considered.

Beef, pork, lamb and chicken feature. But so do such things as mussels cooked in a way that will astonish you, calamari seared over coals, salmon cooked on cedar planks, vegetables transformed into feature dishes, cheeses made meltingly delicious and an array of enchanting barbecued fruit creations.

Read and absorb Heat & Smoke, and your backyard will never taste the same again: your kitchen, in fact, may well become the quietest room in the house.

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